Taitā cemetery

Find out about the hours and services available at Taitā Cemetery.

About Taita Cemetery

Taitā Cemetery opened in 1892. It was the first public cemetery in Lower Hutt.

Before 1892, burials took place privately in church burial grounds, urupa, or nearby cemeteries such as the Bolton Street cemetery in Wellington. The first recorded interment took place in March 1892. Some burials were not recorded and there are gaps in the early burial registers.

The cemetery was administered by the Taitā Cemetery Trust Board with support from Hutt County Council until 1948. When Taitā became part of Lower Hutt City in 1946, the authorities decided it would be more effective for Lower Hutt City Council to manage the cemetery.

The original cemetery is known as the Old Monumental Cemetery. A new section of the cemetery, known as Taitā Lawn Cemetery opened in 1952. Today the cemetery is mostly full and only selected burials can be accommodated.

The Old Monumental Section

This part of Taitā Cemetery is mostly for religious groups and communities. It's not available for first burials, but subsequent interments (burial of a casket or contained cremated remains) still take place here.

The Taitā Lawn Cemetery

is now closed for first interments of caskets but is available for second and third body interments in existing (family) plots or contained cremated remains (ashes). Within the Taitā Lawn Cemetery there is a bush trail, where cremated remains can be interred surrounded by native bush, and a memorial tree area. There is also a Services Cemetery for Returned Service People and options for memorial-only plots where there is to be no interment.

Note: You cannot re-purchase plots.

Purchasing a plot

There are several types of plots available at Taitā Lawn Cemetery.

These include:

  • Body burial plots for children
  • Ashes lawn plots
  • Ashes garden plots
  • Returning Services Association (RSA) burial plots
  • RSA ashes wall
  • Memorial plots

Note: There are no longer body burial plots available for adults. New body burial plots are available to Hutt City residents at Akatarawa Cemetery.

Akatarawa Cemetery

Booking a burial

A funeral director should be your first point of call if you’re arranging a funeral.

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Ash scattering

You cannot scatter ashes in any cemetery or Council facility, including garden areas, lawns and streams.

This policy has been made out of respect for the wishes of Tangata Whenua and environmental reasons.

Important information

  • Lawn-style plots are for body and ash burials. You must use a standard sized headstone or plaque.
  • Ashes plots include lawn and garden areas. They're for burying weather-proof urns.
  • There are several options for ash burials, including a memorial area and bush trail.
  • There are areas are set aside for babies’ garden plots, children’s plots and memorial sites.
  • Memorial sites don’t contain remains (burial or cremation). You can only use plaques.
  • The RSA sections of the cemetery are for body and ash internment.


  • Old Monumental Section: Kowhai Street opposite Naenae Road, Naenae
  • Taitā Lawn Cemetery: Northern end of Rimu Street, Naenae

Cemetery map

Opening hours

Pedestrian access: 24 hours

Vehicle access:

  • 1 April to 30 September: 7.30am to 5.30pm
  • 1 October to 31 March: 7.30am to 8.00pm

Burial hours:

  • Standard hours are Monday – Friday: 10am – 4pm
  • Saturday morning burials by appointment only
  • Closed on public holidays and Sundays

Note: You can visit outside of business hours, at a cost.

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