Skips and container bins

Find out what you need to do if you're planning to use a skip or a container on or near a public road. You may need a permit.

Applying for a skip or container bin permit

You need to apply for a permit if you are intending to place a skip or a container onto a public road.

You can do this by filling out the online form. Do this at least 2 working days before placing the skip or bin on site. Don't place your skip or bin until you've received a permit from us.

Skip container on road reserve application form

Skip and container bin guidelines

If you're hiring a skip or container bin, you should place it on your property if possible (i.e. the driveway).

If you need to place a skip or container bin in the road reserve, on the street, berm or parking spaces, there are some rules to follow. These rules exist to ensure the safety of road users.

You don't need a permit if you place your skip or container on private property, as long as it doesn't infringe on neighbouring property/Council assets, you don't need a permit.

Note: If you don't follow these rules, or if you create a hazard, we have the right remove the offending skip, bin or container at the your expense.

Skip and container bin rules

  • You'll need a parking exemption (or meter hood) if you're using a street area controlled by time limits, pay and display or parking meters. We charge a fee of $10 per day for parking meter hoods. We'll supply you with a meter hood, call us to request one.
  • Write your company name and a 24 hour contact telephone number on each bin.
  • Bins can't obstruct any part of a footpath at any time.
  • Don't place bins within 15 metres of a corner, intersection or pedestrian crossing.
  • Your bin needs to have a white face presented to oncoming traffic and a reflective marker at least 100mm x 100mm on the corner facing oncoming traffic. We recommend a RM-7 Obstruction Marker or equivalent as the minimum acceptable reflector.
  • If required, provide external lighting. We'll let you know if you need this after we review your application.
  • You must have an approved permit from Council before placing the bin.