Street light outages

Find out what to do if one or more street lights are out in your area and who fixes them.

How to report an outage

All outages need to be reported to Council.

Before reporting an outage, check the map below to see what has already been reported. You can report the outage online or call our contact centre on 04 570 6666.

When you contact us, give us specific details such as:

  • the exact location of the light
  • if the outage is just one light, or several in a wide row or area.

Once we've received your request, we'll send the correct team out to have a look and fix the outage. This is often done by our Hutt City contractors, or Wellington Electricity in the case of a circuit fault.

Report an outage online

Reported street light outages

The street lights marked in this map have already been reported as outages. Click on the diamonds for more information.

Map of outages

How long it take to fix an outage

The standard time for fixing an outage is 10 working days.

Simple replacements can be completed within 24 hours of an outage being reported.

Outages that require a network fix, traffic management or underground work will take longer to fix.

Outages are usually caused by one of the following:

  • pole replacement
  • Wellington Electricity network fault
  • damaged equipment.

Electricity outages or issues

If there’s a safety issue with electricity, call Wellington Electricity’s 24 hour emergency line - 0800 248 148.

If your power is out and there are no safety issues, contact your energy retailer (i.e. Contact, Powershop). Your electricity retailer is who you should talk to about:

  • a new electricity connection
  • temporarily disconnecting your power
  • your electricity bill and prices.

LED lighting upgrade

LED street lights are being installed across Lower Hutt to replace outdated streetlight technology.

They use less electricity, are easier to maintain, and provide a light source which is easier to direct towards areas where it is needed.