Litter Penalties

Find out the penalties for littering and dumping rubbish in Lower Hutt.


Littering is illegal in Hutt City.  If you get caught littering, you'll have to pay a fine.

If you find litter or see illegal dumping, contact us on 04 570 6666 or log it online.

Report a problem

We can issue rubbish dumping and littering fines for:

  • dumping rubbish illegally
  • throwing litter from vehicles
  • material falling off trailers.

You have 28 days to pay your fine.

Type of littering 2023-2024 Fee
Minor littering

Including but not limited to:
  • cigarette butts
  • wrappers/paper
  • chewing gum
  • small amount of food wast
  • take-away food/drink containers
  • fish and chip papers
  • plastic drink bottle(s) and aluminium can(s)
  • domestic/commercial waste in, or by, public litter bins
  • single small bag of refuse
Medium littering

Including but not limited to:
  • multiple small bags, one to three large bags or boxes of refuse
  • small furniture items
  • small amounts of discard due to an insecure load from truck or trailer
Major littering

Including but not limited to:
  • any large volume of household/commercial/ green waste
  • car parts
  • large furniture items
  • four or more large rubbish bags
  • hazardous rubbish such as used nappies, needles, sanitary pads, broken glass, wood with nails and sharp metals.

For more information

Litter Act 1979