Drink driving

Hutt City Council promotes a zero tolerance message when it comes to drink driving.

The second biggest contributing factor to road crashes in New Zealand is alcohol.

According to the NZTA, alcohol was a factor in 90 deaths and 262 serious injuries in 2020.

Alcohol seriously affects your driving by slowing your reaction times and affecting your senses and judgement.

Being a responsible driver means never driving when you're over the permitted blood alcohol level as it may impair your judgement.

Drive sober

  • Be prepared: if you plan to drink, plan not to drive.
  • Be brave: make your own decisions, find a safe way home and don’t be influenced by others.
  • Drink water: if you plan to drink, make sure you're drinking enough water.
  • Eat food: if you plan to drink, eat enough food to avoid the alcohol going through your system too quickly.

Note: One standard drink is equivalent to one 330ml beer, one 100ml glass of wine, or one 30ml shot of spirits at four, 13, and 40 per cent of alcohol respectively.

Drivers 20 years and over

You must not drive if the amount of alcohol:

  • in your breath is more than 250mcg of alcohol per litre of breath
  • in your blood is more than 50mg of alcohol per 100 ml of blood.

Drivers under 20 years

The alcohol limit for drivers aged under 20 years is zero.

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