Change conditions of your alcohol business

Find out how to change the conditions of your alcohol licence.

We'll send you reminders close to the licence renewal date. It's your responsibility to apply for a renewal before the expiry date, and to put up public notices.

You'll need to go through the same public notification process as above.

  1. Fill in the relevant form based on the type of licence you're applying for:
    1. On-licence renewal and/or variation application form (PDF 1.85MB)
    2. Off-licence renewal and/or variation application form (PDF 803KB)
    3. Club licence renewal and/or variation application form (PDF 741 KB)
  2. Get the supporting documents ready – these are outlined on the first page of the form. For On-licence, Off-licence and Club licence applications (including renewals) you'll need to attach a Certificate of Use. Make sure your supporting documents are A4 sized.
  3. Email your completed application form with all supporting documents to
  4. Once we’ve received your application, we'll let you know if you need to supply extra information to support your application.

Once we've checked both the public notification forms, you are required to:

  • Advertise:
    • in the Hutt News – notification gets posted on two separate days, or
    • on the Hutt City Council Website.
  • Put public notification up on your premises (shop window).

If you are advertising in the Hutt News, you need to send us the newspaper page with the public notice(s) in it.

A licensee must notify us when they appoint a certificated manager or when they cancel or terminate the employment of a certificated manager.

A licensee may appoint a temporary manager or an acting manager (depending on circumstances) if the certificated manager is ill, absent, dismissed or resigns.

In each case, you must complete a Notice of Management Change form (PDF 48 kb)