Discounted fees for charities at Silverstream Landfill

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Charities operating in the Hutt Valley are eligible for exemptions and discounted fees at Silverstream Landfill. Eligible charities can benefit from the following:

  • Charities are exempt from any fees in relation to clean green waste loads, up to 25 tonnes per year.
  • Charities receive a heavily discounted fee for any rubbish or mixed loads, with the fee equivalent to the New Zealand Government’s waste levy for any given year, up to 25 tonnes per year.
  • Charities continue to pay normal landfill fees for any waste above 25 tonnes per year.
  • Free waste audits and advise for charities based in Lower Hutt, with a view to identify waste minimisation and cost saving opportunities.

To be eligible for discounted fees your charity must be based or operating in within the Hutt Valley only.

If your charity wishes to take advantage of this offer, please fill in our online application form or email