Memorial headstones and plaques

Find out about erecting a headstone or decorating a plot at Hutt City Cemeteries.

Placing plaques and headstones on graves

There are a number of options and specifications for plaques and headstones that you need to follow when decorating a plot. There are several styles of headstones and plaques available depending on the location of the plot.

Note: You must have a permit to place a headstone or plaque on a plot. You will have to

Information on acceptable styles and sizes (PDF 3 Mb).

Taitā Cemetery

You can only use granite in this cemetery. There are exceptions for Block 16.

Block 16 of Taitā Cemetery

Block 16 is the monumental section of Taitā Lawn Cemetery and has been set aside for full decorated plots. Some of the decorations you see in this section aren’t allowed anywhere else in the cemetery.

Block 16 decorations must be kept safe, neat and tidy. These plots are inspected annually and family will be advised if plots need tidying. Any plots that are continuously untidy will be returned to grass by Council.

We are not responsible for any items that are placed on plots, lost or damaged.

Wainuiomata Garden of Remembrance

You can only use granite in this cemetery.

Returned Servicemen

You can only use Bronze plaques and/or headstones in this cemetery.

Memorial trees

You can only use Brass plaques on this site.

Apply for a plaque or headstone permit

To place a plaque or headstone on a grave you need to complete a permit.

Note: Final wording and design must be approved by Hutt City Council.

Apply for a headstone permit

Information about decorating a burial plot

  • Following a burial, flowers and other tributes will be taken away after two weeks.
  • Flowers in an approved granite vase block or another type of vase or pot on the head beam.
  • Vases must be no higher than 400mm and mustn’t encroach on the lawn or any other plot.
  • You can't put any fragile, light, dangerous or inappropriate items on a plot.

Note: We may remove grave decorations, plastic flowers or plants if necessary. We are not responsible for any items that are placed on plots, lost or damaged.

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