Rubbish, recycling and garden waste bins

Find out about Council’s residential rubbish and recycling collection.

What bins are available?

Every residential property in Lower Hutt has been provided with a red rubbish bin, a yellow recycling bin and blue glass crate. Households can also opt into receiving a green garden waste bin here

Find out more about our bins, and what goes into them, on our website Too Good to Waste

or download our bin booklet here

Rubbish and recycling

What’s the cost of this service?

Lower Hutt’s kerbside service is funded through targeted rates on each residential property. For rubbish, the cost will depend on which size of bin you have at your property.

ServiceCharge per year
Rubbish – 80l bin $105
Rubbish – 120l bin $144
Rubbish – 240l bin $288
Recycling (120l or 240l bin) $105
Garden waste (optional 240l bin)   $95

Please note, from 1 July – 31 March each year there is a service fee for any bin changes, bins for new builds, or ordering a green waste bin. For the relevant service fees please check our bin enquiry form

Collection days

To find the collection day for your address go to

All waste is collected on the same day. Rubbish is collected weekly, recycling and glass is collected fortnightly, on alternating weeks, garden waste is collected every four weeks.

Make sure your bins are kerbside by 6am on collection day.

Do you have a problem with your bins?

Complete the online bin enquiry form if you want to report a problem, such as a missed collection.

Your bin may not have been emptied if:

  • it wasn’t kerbside by 6am
  • it was overfilled, or
  • it had unacceptable items in it