Eastern Hutt Road Reopens: A milestone in community resilience and infrastructure enhancement

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Published: 22 March 2024

We’re pleased to announce that Eastern Hutt Road fully reopened last week, marking the completion of this significant project to stabilise the slope following the July 2022 slips that resulted in the partial closure of this major road and impacted many in the community.

Mayor Campbell Barry expressed his gratitude towards the community for their continued patience.

“I want to extend a big thank you to everyone in the community for their adaptability and understanding throughout the project,” Mayor Barry says.

“Seeing the road back in action as soon as possible has been our focus. We know it has been frustrating at times when the slips and remediation work disrupted daily commutes, particularly for those in Stokes Valley.

“We know weather-related challenges aren’t going away, investing and enhancing our infrastructure resilience is a core priority for us. While a crucial transport corridor has been restored, we’ve also strengthened our community's resilience to future environmental challenges.”

“With such a complicated project Mayor Barry also wished to thank all the teams involved in the extensive works. “Council staff and contractors have worked tirelessly over the last eight months to complete the project, on time and within budget. More than 65,000 hours of hard mahi has been put in by abseilers, designers, crane operators, traffic management crew and so many more.”

Physical works on the Eastern Hutt Road slope stabilisation initiative, valued at $27.5 million, began in July 2023. The comprehensive remediation works included fixing three major slip sites above the road.

By the numbers:

  • Over 1500 metres were drilled into the slip face with 532 total anchors placed
  • 26 truckloads of shotcrete was installed over an area of 260m3
  • 1950 cubic metres of erosion control matting was installed
  • 68.5m of three metre high catch fence was installed beside the road

For more information on the Eastern Hutt Road slope stabilisation project visit hutt.city/EHRupdate