District plan change 14

Operative date

This plan change became operative on 31 May 2011.

About this plan change

District Plan Change 14 addressed the key issues that arose from a full review of the Central Commercial Activity Area provisions in the District Plan.  It includes amendments to Chapters 1 (Introduction and Scope of the Plan), 3 (Definitions), 5A (Central Commercial Activity Area), 14A (Transport), 14B (Signs) and the introduction of a Design Guide for the zone.

StepsStatus of each stepRelated documents
Notification (submissions)

Publicly notified
9 February 2010

Submissions closed
12 March 2010

Plan change document 
(PDF 1.8 Mb)

Design guide
(PDF 3.1 Mb)

Further submissionsSummary of submissions publicly notified
20 April 2010

Further submissions closed
7 May 2010

Summary of submissions
(PDF 313 kb)

Public notice for summary of submissions (PDF 22 kb)

HearingHearing held
9-10 September 2010
Officer's report (PDF 595 kb)
Appendix 5 - design guide (PDF 6 Mb)
DecisionDecision publicly notified
11 January 2011
Decision (PDF 660 kb)
Appendix 2 (PDF 329 kb)
Appendix 3 - design guidelines (PDF 9 MB)
AppealsNo appeals  
Operative date31 May 2011Sign and Seal (PDF 364 kb)

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