District Plan Change 54

Find out about Boulcott Farm Heritage Golf Club Inc's change to the Hutt City District Plan.

About this plan change

District Plan Change 54 was a private plan change requested by Boulcott’s Farm Heritage Golf Club Inc. It rezoned a portion of approximately 1.6 hectares of the site at 33 Military Road, Boulcott from the General Recreation Activity Area to the General Residential Activity Area, and removed the Secondary River Corridor Overlay. There were no changes to the objectives, policies or rules of the district plan.

Key steps, dates,  and related documents

Steps Status of each step Related documents
ProposalThe request was lodged on 23 October 2020, and relodged on 4 February 2021 after a Council request for further information.Read the full plan change proposal (PDF 29.2 MB)
View a map of the area to be rezoned
Notification (submissions) The proposed plan change was notified for submissions on Tuesday, 20 April 2021. Fifteen submissions were received.
Please note that the Summary of Decisions Requested and Full Set of Submissions has been updated to include a late submission.        
Further submissions A summary of the decisions requested in submissions was then notified for further submissions Tuesday, 15 June 2021. One further submission was received.  
Hearing The hearing for the proposed plan change was held on Tuesday 1st February 2022. Read Hearing Panel Minute #1 (PDF 210 KB)
Officer's Report (PDF 1.3 MB)
Applicant's Statement of Evidence
Applicant's Statement of Evidence - Appendix 1
Applicant's Statement of Evidence - Appendix 2
Applicant's Statement of Evidence - Appendix 3
Hearing Agenda for Plan Change 54 (PDF  136KB)
Read Hearing Panel Minute #2 Formally Closing Hearing (PDF 100 KB)
Hearing panel recommendation The Hearing Panel reported its recommended decision on the plan change on 30 March 2022. Hearing Panel Recommended Decision (PDF 2.2MB)
Decision Council resolved on Tuesday 24 May 2022 to accept the hearing panel's recommendation and publicly notified this on Thursday 2 June 2022. Public notice of decisions on Plan Change 54 (PDF 151KB)
Appeals The applicant and any person who made a submission had until Monday, 18 July 2022 to appeal Hutt City Council's decision to the Environment Court.  
OperativeOperative from 12 August 2022Public Notice (PDF  130 KB)
Council Seal (PDF 342 KB)