District plan change 19

Operative date

This plan change became operative on 17 January 2012.

District Plan Change 19 rezoned the Council owned sites at 172 (being part of Part Lot 2 DP 24651 and Lot 1 DP 31134, CT WN48/591) and 206 (being part of Part Lot 2 DP 24651 and Lot 1 DP 31134, CT WN48/591) Whites Line East, Waiwhetu to General Residential Activity Area. They were previously zoned General Recreation Activity Area and comprised former custodian/staff houses and grounds at Te Whiti Park.

The rezoning of these parcels of land to General Residential Activity Area reflects their historic and ongoing usage and enables their continued use for residential purposes. It also ensures that any future development that might occur on the sites is of a nature and scale that reflects the surrounding residential environment.

StepsStatus of each stepRelated documents
Notification (submissions)

Publicly notified
12 April 2011

Submissions close
13 May 2011

Proposed plan change (PDF 3.4 Mb)
Further submissionsSummary of Submissions notified 7 June 2011

Further Submissions close 21 June 2011

Summary of Submissions (PDF 88 kb)
HearingNo hearing requiredOfficer's report (PDF 306 kb)
DecisionPublicly notified 18 October 2011Decision (PDF 286 kb)
AppealsNo appeals 
Operative date17 January 2012Sign and Seal (PDF 396 kb)

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