District plan change 48

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Activity Area. The rezoning affected 12.4 hectares and provided a zoning that was consistent with the zoning of the adjacent residential sites.

The plan change also rezoned the northern portion of the site to General Recreation Activity Area. This area covers 1.7 hectares and contained the most ecologically significant vegetation on the site.

The plan change also introduced site specific provisions relating to stormwater runoff to the Subdivision Chapter.

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Notification (submissions)

Publicly notified on 23 January 2018.

Submission period closed on 23 February 2018.

Public Notice (PDF 33 kb)

Plan Change Document (PDF 733 kb)

Further submissionsNo further submissions.  
HearingNo hearing required.  
DecisionNo decision required.  
AppealsNo appeals.  
Operative date27 March 2018. Sign and Seal (PDF 172 kb)

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