District plan change 23

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District Plan Change 23 brought the District Plan provisions relating to vegetation removal and remnant nikau palm trees in line with the Resource Management (Simplifying and Streamlining) Amendment Act 2009 (RMAA 2009). The RMAA 2009 removed the ability for district plan rules to protect groups of trees over wide, undefined areas – commonly known as blanket protection. This meant that our District Plan’s rules relating to vegetation removal in residential activity areas and the protection of remnant nikau palms in the whole city became invalid on the 1st of January 2012. It is important to ensure that vegetation removal is continued to be managed appropriately in residential activity areas and that remnant nikau palms are continued to be protected in the city.

The plan change was made up of two amendments that ensure vegetation removal in residential activity areas is managed and that remnant nikau palms are protected in the city:

  • Inserting a new definition for ‘vegetation’ in the Plan. This definition expressly includes ‘exotic and indigenous’ vegetation.
  • Introducing a new Appendix Trees 2 which spatially defines the areas where remnant nikau palms are to be protected.
StepsStatus of each stepRelated documents
Notification (submissions)Publicly notified 27 September 2011
Submissions closed 28 October 2011
Proposed Plan Change 23 and Section 32
(PDF 1 MB)
Further submissionsPublicly notified 15 November 2011
Further submissions closed 29 November 2011
Summary of submissions (PDF 104 kb)
HearingNo hearing requiredOfficers report (PDF 665 kb)
DecisionDecision publicly notified 22 May 2012Decision (PDF 193 kb)
AppealsNo appeals 
Operative date24 July 2012Sign and Seal (PDF 395 kb)

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