District Plan Change 53

Find out about the Private District Plan Change 53: Stratton Street, Normandale – Rezoning to Rural Residential Activity Area.

About this plan change

District Plan Change 53 rezoned 190, 236 and 268 Stratton Street, Normandale from the General Rural Activity Area to the Rural Residential Activity Area.

The plan change also added site-specific provisions to the District Plan that apply to development of the sites that were rezoned by the plan change.

Key steps, dates, and related documents

Steps Status of each step Related documents
Notification (submissions) Publicly notified for submissions on 14 January 2020.
Submission period closed on 12 February 2020.
Further submissions Publicly notified for further submissions on 17 March 2020.
Further submission period closed on 31 March 2020.
Amended proposal In response to issues raised by submitters and further submitters on the proposed plan change, the requestor for the proposed plan change amended the provisions of the proposed. Amended Plan Change, dated 17 August 2021 (PDF 749 kb)
Evaluation of the amendments (PDF 961 kb)
Hearing Hearing held 10 September 2021.Notice of the hearing (PDF 188 kb)
Minute #1 from the hearing panel (PDF 148 kb)
Minute #2 from the hearing panel (PDF 289 kb)
Minute #3 from the hearing panel (PDF 275 kb)
Minute #4 from the hearing panel (PDF 113 kb)
Minute #5 from the hearing panel (PDF 113 kb)
Officer's Report (PDF 16.0 Mb)
Evidence in Chief from C Tessendorf (excluding appendices) (PDF 627 kb)
Appendices to the Evidence in Chief from C Tessendorf (PDF 9.5 Mb)
Opening statement from C Tessendorf (PDF 154 kb)
Right of Reply / Joint Statement of C Tessendorf and D Kellow (PDF 4.8 Mb)
Updated Assessment of Ecological Effects of the proposed plan change (PDF 7.7 Mb)
Hearing Panel's Recommendation (PDF 2.0 Mb)
DecisionDecision publicly notified on 17 December 2021.Decision (PDF 1.83 Mb)
Public Notice of Decision (PDF 104 kb)
AppealsNo appeals 
OperativeOperative from 7 April 2022.

Public Notice(PDF 439 KB)