District plan change 25

About this plan change

The plan change amended the District Plan in each of the existing activity areas to specifically provide for the tertiary education activities of WelTec whilst retaining the underlying zoning provisions. To ensure the particular amenity of each of the surrounding areas is best protected, and at the same time the activities of WelTec can be provided for in an appropriate way, rules were applied differently throughout the campus. Specific additional controls are provided for in the Tertiary Education Precinct where the precinct boundary abuts residential activities within the General Residential Activity Area.

In addition to creating a Tertiary Education Precinct for the campus, changes were made to Chapter 14A (iii) (Car and Cycle Parking) and Chapter 14B (Signs) of the District Plan to more appropriately manage on-site car parking and signage

StepsStatus of each stepRelated documents
Notification (submissions)Publicly notified 27 March 2012.
Submissions closed 27 April 2012.
Proposed Plan Change (PDF 1 MB) 
Further submissionsPublicly notified 19 June 2012.
Further submissions closed 3 July 2012
Summary of submissions (PDF 1 MB)
Expert conferencing (traffic) and pre-hearing meetingHeld on 1 March and 4 March 2013

Expert conferencing - Traffic Joint Statement (PDF 151 kb)

Pre-hearing meeting notes (PDF 56 kb)

HearingHearing closed on 30 May 2013

Officer's Report (PDF 3 MB)

DecisionDecisions notified on 20 August 2013Decisions (PDF 4 MB)
AppealsNo appeals 
Operative date 26 November 2013Sign and Seal (PDF 363 kb)

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