District plan change 44

About this plan change

Plan Change 44 sought to zone a Hutt City Council owned area of land at the corner of Korimako Road and Pitoitoi Road, Days Bay, as Hill Residential Activity Area in the City of Lower Hutt District Plan. The area forms part of the steep margin of the Korimako Road reserve to the south of the residential property at 17 Pitoitoi Road and has an area of 147m2.  It was previously classified as legal road. In May 2016 Council decided to initiate the road stopping process as the land is no longer required for the purpose of legal road.  Once the road was stopped the land would no longer have a zoning. The purpose of the Plan Change was to ensure that the site would have zoning that is consistent with the surrounding area and that any use and development of the site would be managed under the existing provisions of the District Plan.

District Plan provision affected by the plan change: District Plan Maps only.

StepsStatus of each stepRelated documents
Notification (submissions)

Publicly Notified 27 September 2016

Submissions closed on 28 October 2016

Proposed Plan Change 44 and Section 32 Evaluation/Report (PDF 923 kb)
Further submissionsNo submissions 
HearingNo hearing required 
DecisionNo decision required 
AppealsNo appeal period 
Operative date6 December 2016Sign and Seal (PDF 369 kb)

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