District plan change 7

Operative date

This plan change became operative on 14 March 2006.

About this plan change

District Plan Change 7 clarifies that when subdividing within residential and rural activity areas, that the exception to the subdivision allotment design standards and terms only apply where there are existing dwellings.

StepsStatus of each stepRelated documents
Notification (submissions)

Publicly notified
8 November 2005

Submissions closed
9 December 2005

Plan change document (PDF 65 kb)

Section 32 evaluation (PDF 97 kb)

Further submissionsNo submissions received 
HearingNo hearing held  
2 February 2006
Decision (PDF 50 kb)

Appendix 1 (PDF 138 kb)

Appendix 2 (PDF 179 kb)

AppealsNo appeals 
Operative date14 March 2006Sign and Seal (PDF 343 kb)

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