District plan change 38

About this plan change

Hutt City Council prepared Proposed Plan Change 38 which rezoned a Hutt City Council owned area of land North of Avalon Park from General Recreation Activity Area to General Residential Activity Area, while rezoning the property at 107A Taita Drive from General Residential Activity Area to General Recreation Activity Area.

The area that was rezoned to General Residential Activity Area is situated to the North of Avalon Park and has an overall area of approximately 7550m2. It was previously classified as Reserve but the Reserve Status has recently been revoked. The area that was rezoned General Recreation Activity Area is located at 107A Taita Drive and has an area of approximately 1900m2. It is owned and occupied by the Avalon Tennis Club and the proposed rezoning reflects the current and intended future use of the site for recreational activities.

The purpose of this Plan Change is to ensure that the Sites have a zoning that is consistent with the surrounding area and that any use and development of the Sites will be managed under the existing provisions of the District Plan.

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Notification (submissions)

Publicly notified 24 January 2017.

Submissions closed on 24 February 2017 at 5pm.

Proposed Plan Change Document (PDF 2.6 Mb)
Further submissionsNo further submissions 
HearingNo hearing required 
DecisionNo decision required 
AppealsNo appeal period 
Operative date4 April 2017Sign and Seal (PDF 350 kb)

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