Akatea and London Rd Improvements

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Akatea Rd

Akatea Rd in Korokoro has sections of narrow bends and poor or non-existent footpaths, kerbing and drainage channels. To make it safer for all road users and pedestrians, work began on 7 May 2024 to make a number of improvements requested through consultation with residents. Work is expected to be complete by the end of July, weather permitting.

Hutt City Council and Waka Kotahi are sharing the cost to:

  • Build a section of retaining wall to widen a narrow bend and install a footpath (44-48 Akatea Rd)
  • Realign and improve bus stops
  • Install or repair footpaths
  • Add kerbing and drainage channels
  • Upgrade stormwater drainage
  • Make crossing improvements at the top of Maungaraki Rd
  • Install safety fencing on the outer side of footpaths
  • Install a pedestrian refuge island at the top of London Rd

For the safety of contractors, road users and pedestrians, traffic management will be in place through the wider area and from 4 June we'll also use this opportunity to repair a slip on London Rd.

Road management

  • From 7 May, Akatea Rd will be one-way uphill, from 32 London Rd to the intersection with Maungaraki Rd. For safety reasons, this will be in place 24/7 until the project is completed. Vehicles travelling downhill will need to go via Maungaraki, Singers and Korokoro Rds. Due to weight restrictions on the lower part of Korokoro Rd, vehicles heavier than two tonnes per axle  will need to exit via Dowse Dr.
  • From 4 June, the one-way section will be extended to the bottom of London Rd to enable slip repairs on London Rd. This means that all vehicles using London Rd must travel uphill and then down Maungaraki, Singers and Korokoro Rds to get to the valley floor. Vehicle access will remain two-way between 4 and 65 London Rd, as no works are happening in this area and making it part of the one-way section would unnecessarily impact street parking and several driveways.
  • Please do not park on the road or verge in the one-way area at any time until roadworks are completed. Parking in the works area risks damage to your vehicle and may obstruct workers, machinery and other road users. Hutt City Council parking services staff will be patrolling this area and may issue infringement notices to owners of illegally parked vehicles.
  • Since work began, there have been reports of an accident and several near-misses on Korokoro Rd due to traffic crossing the centre line on blind corners. There is much more downhill traffic on this road due to the one-way traffic management on Akatea Rd, so please take care, drive to the conditions and do not park on or near corners that would force other vehicles to cross the centre line with limited vision.

Bus changes

  • Metlink has provided details of bus service changes during the works. The one-way traffic management and Korokoro Rd vehicle weight limits will affect bus services on Route 154, School services 854 and 855 and 154 morning school extension service.
  • Where possible, we encourage walking or carpooling to the station to connect to the above bus services.

Progress update as of 27 May

  • We are making great progress at the grassed area on Akatea Rd, where the new drainage sump will go in this week.
  • Work starts on the pedestrian island at George Gee Drive this week.
  • Construction of the retaining wall near the top of Akatea Rd starts next week.
  • Riley kerbs have been installed in the area opposite 18 Akatea Road. The purpose of these is to discourage vehicles from parking in the designated walkway.

We'll have updates here throughout the project. If you'd like to receive periodic emails about this work, please email transportprojectdeliveryteam@huttcity.govt.nz and ask to be included in the Korokoro emailing list. You can also get in touch on this address if you have any questions that aren't covered here.

Akatea detour

London Rd Slip Repair

Frequently Asked Questions

We considered all the options, but as the works area is long, winding and narrow, with many driveways and side streets, stop/go traffic management would not be safe or practical.

It’s mainly a safety issue for workers and the public– switching between a one-way and two-way system creates too much risk of an accident. Not having to establish and remove the traffic management each day also means the job will be finished sooner.

Hours will be 7am - 6pm weekdays, with no machinery operating before 7.30am. Some work may take place 9am-4pm on Saturdays if needed, and no evening work is planned. Traffic management (including one-way system) will be in place 24/7.

Put your rubbish and recycling out as usual. Contractors will move your bins to the opposite side of the road for collection and return them afterwards where necessary.

Emergency services have been notified of the changes and there is a plan in place to ensure that safety won't be compromised.

Contact us at transportprojectdeliveryteam@huttcity.govt.nz or if you have an urgent safety concern or question, contact Sierra Delta Civil Ltd site manager Sam Dews on 027 592 2290.

Our contractors will escort pedestrians and dismounted cyclists safely through the works areas. Cyclists may travel in both directions through the one-way traffic section, but must be on foot for their safety. Outside work hours, there will be areas marked for the use of pedestrians and dismounted cyclists.

Yes, the contractors will ensure access at all times.

Heavy vehicles can drive through the one-way areas, however to get back downhill, the lower part of Korokoro Rd is still restricted to vehicles of less than two tonnes per axle. Heavier vehicles will need to exit via upper Maungaraki Rd and down Dowse Dr.

This section of road and retaining wall will be improved in the future. As much as we would have liked to include it in this work, the cost and funding deadline meant it wasn't possible to do it at this time.

The fencing is for the safety of pedestrians so people can’t fall down the bank(it’s not a crash barrier). It will have a wooden rail and wire mesh.

Several residents first raised concerns with Council about long-standing safety issues on Akatea Rd and were invaluable in helping collect feedback from the community. In November 2023, residents were invited to a meeting at Korokoro Playcentre to give feedback on concept designs for the improvements, which we’re now rolling out.