Auaha Evolving Spaces

Find out how we’re making our streets and public spaces safer and more enjoyable to spend time in through Auaha Evolving Spaces.

About Auaha Evolving Spaces

Auaha Evolving Spaces is our local response to getting Innovating Streets for People funding from Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency.

Hutt City received funding for two projects:

  • A trial pathway on Knights Road connecting Waterloo Station to the CBD.
  • Temporary changes to one part of Jackson Street Petone.

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The Knights Road Connection project

This project aims to make the journey along Knights Road safer and more people-friendly regardless of your choice of transport. So far we’ve worked with schools, residents and the wider community to explore different road layouts that might achieve this.

Knights Road Connection

Jackson Street Project

The aim of this project is to further support Petone as a destination. This work aligns with the Petone 2040 spatial strategy and the project will be co-led by Council and community.

Jackson Street Programme

Co-design approach

These projects will be co-designed with Hutt City residents who regularly use the spaces. This means that businesses, residents, regular visitors and community all have a part to play in deciding what will make their spaces work better for everyone that uses them.

Auaha is the Māori kupu (word) that means to shape, create or form. The concept of shaping and creating and then reshaping reflects the temporary and evolving way these projects will work.

By using temporary trials that have been co-designed we can:

  • test new ideas cheaply
  • involve a wide range of people from the community in decisions
  • watch what happens in real time and adjust if needed
  • speed up decision making
  • inspire and enable positive changes.

How to get involved

You can take part in lots of different ways, from just staying up to date, taking part in the engagement and co-design or even joining the project teams. Email to sign up.