Avalon Community Connections

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Avalon Community Connections

The Avalon Community Connections project will connect residents and schools with the heart of their community, and improve the experience of walkers and cyclists, by providing safer transport options that are good for us and our environment.

Public Consultation

Public consultation on the Avalon Community Connections project has now closed. We are now considering the feedback and we’ll publish a summary of the outcome and final design here on our website.

Map of Avalon

Public consultation has now closed

Construction to begin early 2024

Full completion by 30 June 2024

Project cost: Approx $2 million, with 90% funding provided by Waka Kotahi’s Transport Choices programme.

Click below to see a 3D flyover of the proposed Avalon Community Connections project. Please note; both the design shown above and the 3D flyover below are early concepts only and subject to route and detail changes following consultation.

Map of Avalon

Why we're doing this

By building a safer, more accessible and better-connected transport network, Hutt City Council is creating a better place to live for everyone, where business can thrive, and families can grow.

The work is being supported by Waka Kotahi’s Transport Choices programme which is about making small, visible changes to our streets and the way people use them, helping people embrace cycling, walking or public transport as a means of travel.

Waka Kotahi will provide up to 90 per cent of funding – around $5 million shared across both the Taitā Community Connections and Avalon Community Connections projects. The provisional funding is subject to approval of the final detailed design, which is due at the end of September.

The Council also received an additional $220,000 to provide undercover bike sheds and racks to the schools and to support the bikes in schools programme.

What we're doing

We’re improving the experience for people who cycle and walk around Avalon, especially where local schools attract a lot of young people from the wider communities.

The Avalon project includes parts of High Street and Oxford Terrace, as well as the full lengths of Walters St and Gordon St. The proposed work includes:

  • A safe, separated shared walking and cycling path along Walters St to connect with Naenae College and Naenae Intermediate
  • Safety improvements for intersections on both ends the busy school roads of Walters St and Gordon St
  • Raising of the existing pedestrian crossings at the intersection of Gordon and High Streets, helping provide more visibility and safety for children crossing the road
  • Two raised cyclist and pedestrian crossings on Walters St and one raised cyclist and pedestrian crossings on Gordon St
  • Traffic calming infrastructure on Gordon St.

Click below to see the interactive GIS map of the proposed Avalon Community Connections project

Click below to see the interactive GIS map of the proposed Avalon Community Connections project

Map of Avalon

Why Avalon?

Avalon is home to several schools and other community facilities, including Naenae College, Naenae Intermediate, Kimi Ora School, Avalon Kindergarten, Avalon Primary School, and Holy Trinity Avalon Church.

Currently, Walters and Gordon Streets do not have any safe walking cycling infrastructure despite the presence of schools, and upgrading these streets will better connect these places with the nearby train station and beltway cycleway.

How much is this costing?

The Avalon Community Connections project is budgeted for design and construction at approx $2m. Waka Kotahi’s Transport Choices Programme is funding up to 90% of the total costs of this project.

Want to know more?

Stay tuned for more information, such as information events and resources to help see for yourself the benefits and opportunities of better transport connections.

You can also email the project team: Avalon.Connections@huttcity.govt.nz