Community feedback said that accessibility for bikes, prams, people using mobility aids and for elderly residents is lacking in the project area and in laneways. You suggested improving accessibility and adding places to stop and rest.

During the trial we made changes to the laneways in the area in response to your feedback:

  • Removed the metal barriers at the entrances to the laneways between Hinau Grove and Wainuiomata Road and Totara Street and Konini Street and installed planters in their place. This improved access to these laneways for people with prams, bikes, and mobility scooters while maintaining safety by preventing larger vehicles from entering and preventing people emerging from the laneway onto footpaths at higher speed.
  • Installed seating in the green spaces off the laneways, improving accessibility and walkability for people who may need to stop and rest.
  • Increased opportunities for having fun down the laneways by installing Play Elements
  • Signage, wayfinding and artwork was put in place to make the laneways more attractive and inviting.

Due to the positive response to these changes we have left most of them in place following the trial. These materials can still be adapted and moved, and we will continue to monitor feedback to inform permanent designs.

We also heard that the laneway surfaces themselves were in need of some maintenance, and so we arranged for urgent resurfacing works outside of the scope of this project.