Proposed Private District Plan Change 58

Find out about the proposed change to the Hutt City District Plan for 12 Shaftesbury Grove, Stokes Valley.

About this plan change

Hutt City Council has received a request from M & J Walsh Partnership Ltd, for a proposed change to the City of Lower Hutt District Plan.

The proposal is to rezone 12.5 hectares of the site at 12 Shaftesbury Grove, Stokes Valley, from a combination of the Hill Residential and General Recreation Activity Areas to the Medium Density Residential Activity Area.

Map of the site (PDF 710 kb)

The proposed plan change would also introduce provisions to the Subdivision chapter of the District Plan that would apply to future subdivision of the site. In particular:

  • A map identifying a development area for the site (proposed Appendix Subdivision 10),
  • A new Restricted Discretionary Activity rule for subdivision within the identified development area, with a set of assessment matters that relate specifically to subdivision of the site.
  • A new Discretionary Activity rule for subdivision outside the identified development area (which provides for a greater range of assessment matters).

More information on the proposed plan change is available in the Plan Change Document.

Plan Change Document (PDF 14.0 MB)

The proposed plan change was publicly notified for submissions on 9 November 2023. Submissions closed on 8 December 2023.

Five submissions were received.  The decisions requested by submitters have been summarised in the following document;

Summary of Decision Requested and Full Set of Submissions (PDF 9.2 MB)

The proposed plan change is now open for further submissions.  Further submissions close on 22 February 2024.

More detail on how to make a further submission is available in the public notice below.

Public Notice of the summary of the decision requested (PDF 141 kb)

Further submission form (PDF 206 kb)

Key steps, dates, and related documents

StepStatus Related documents
Notification (submissions) Publicly notified for submissions on 9 November 2023

Submission period closed on 8 December 2023
Plan Change Document (PDF 14 MB)

Map of site (710 kb)

Public Notice (PDF 139 kb)
Further submissions Publicly notified for further submissions on 8 February 2024

Submission period closes on 22 February 2024