Tupua Horo Nuku Eastern Bays shared path

Find out about the walking and cycling shared path we are creating around the Eastern Bays.

About Tupua Horo Nuku Eastern Bays shared path

The Eastern Bays shared path is a 4.4 kilometre walking and cycling path to be built along Marine Drive between Ngau Matau (Point Howard) and Eastbourne. It will be called Tupua Horo Nuku, a name that evokes the narrative of the Tupua, Ngake, one of the two creators of the Harbour in traditional Māori narrative. The name was gifted to the project by Te Atiawa Taranaki Whānui, as part of the partnership between iwi and Hutt City Council.

Artist's impressions of the design of Tupua Horo Nuku Eastern Bays Shared Path

Current activity

Construction of Tupua Horo Nuku has begun in Mā-koromiko (Windy Point). The existing seawall will be improved or replaced and the new shared path will be created on top. This is expected to take 5-6 months, then the works will move to Sunshine Bay.

The method for construction of the new seawalls is outlined in the image below.

Tupua Horo Nuku Seawall Construction 1

Tupua Horo Nuku Seawall Construction 2

Temporary wave defence barriers will be installed at each construction site to keep the areas dry during works. They are currently in place at the southern end of Days Bay.

This section of the barriers has been split in two to maintain safe unimpeded passage for a nesting penguin located in a culvert in the centre of the site to the harbour. This rearrangement was done under the supervision of the project avifauna specialist to ensure there was no impact to the Kororā.

The site is also protected by fencing and public access to the construction area is limited due to safety reasons while the works are ongoing.

THN Wave Barriers

All construction work is required to be performed under a one lane traffic closure. This will be in place during daytime hours. A map illustrating the traffic management for the project can be seen below.

Mā-koromiko Traffic Map

A temporary roundabout has been installed at the southern end of the bay to allow for heavy construction vehicles to turn without the need to drive through Eastbourne.


The project team will also be occupying the beach, informal car parking and boat ramp located within Mā-koromiko throughout the length of construction for this bay. Alternatives for these can be found in the other bays and in Eastbourne.

Consultation on future bays

Consultation is now open on the general arrangement plans for the next two bays to be built – York Bay and Mahina Bay, as well as Whiorau Reserve.

You can have your say here on the Hutt City Council website.

For more information

The Tupua Horo Nuku Eastern Bays shared path will run along Marine Drive in two sections between Ngau Matau (Point Howard), Oruamatoro (Days Bay), and Eastbourne.

In the future, it will also link to other paths and regional routes such as the Remutaka Cycle Trail, and a future network of walking and cycle paths around Te Whanganui-a-Tara, Wellington Harbour.

The project aims to:

  • Provide a safe and integrated walking and cycling path on Marine Drive to connect communities in the Eastern Bays.
  • Create links to other parts of the walking and cycling network for commuting, recreation and tourism.
  • Create new seawalls for improved protection from storms and waves. Construction will enhance the environment where possible and provide a base for future resilience upgrades.

Eastern bays map

Hutt City Council, Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency, and the Government through the COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund are helping to fund this project. $30 million in funding has been committed so far.

Hutt City Council is working in partnership with iwi mana whenua – Taranaki Whānui ki te Upoko o te Ika, and Ngāti Toa Rangatira. This partnership operates through the Mana Whenua Steering Group.

The project is will be delivered on behalf of Hutt City Council by Te Ara Tupua Alliance.

This is a project delivery team made up of:

  • Waka Kotahi
  • Downer NZ
  • HEB Construction
  • Tonkin + Taylor.

Te Ara Tupua Alliance is also delivering the Ngā Ūranga ki Pito-One (Ngauranga to Petone) shared path.

Right now Construction has begun in Mā-koromiko (Windy Point). We are now continuing with detailed bay-specific designs for the next two bays planned to be built – York Bay and Mahina Bay, as well as Whiorau Reserve.
August 2022 Te Huringa -Nuku ceremony marks construction start for Tupua Horo Nuku
February 2022 The name Tupua Horo Nuku is gifted to the pathway by Mana Whenua
November 2021 Alliance delivery model chose, with Te Ara Tupua Alliance confirmed to deliver southern portion (Windy Point and Sunshine Bay).

Landscape and Urban Design Plan consultation with residents associations and community groups.
October 2021 Community open day on project next steps.
June 2021 Resource consent appeal resolve (resource consent confirmed)
March 2021 Resource consent initially approved (subsequently appealed)
April 2019 Resource  consent application lodged with Greater Wellington Regional Council
2018 Design development for resource consent begins
2015 Start of community engagement
2014 Eastbourne community survey showed that the shared path, and climate change, were the top concerns facing the Eastbourne community.

Video description: Watch the video on the naming of Tupua Horo Nuku, Eastern Bays Shared Path

Video description: Watch the video of the Community Information Evening held in Eastbourne in August 2022

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