On-road Trials

On-road Trials

The community has said they are concerned about the safety of tamariki and rangatahi walking, scootering or biking around these schools. This was because it is difficult for people to cross busy roads due to the speed and volume of traffic, as well as unsafe driver behaviours, like u-turns and taking corners quickly. Community suggestions included adding speed bumps, signage, having school drop-zones and raised crossings.

A new road layout design was developed following feedback from the community and was put in place with temporary materials during a week-long trial from 10-17 May. During the trial there were opportunities to provide feedback in-person and online.

The goal of the trial was to test new layouts that would improve safety and accessibility for everyone – especially school age children – when walking, biking or scootering for short local journeys.

Materials used were temporary and reusable, allowing us to make rapid changes in response to your feedback and reuse them for future projects.

As part of the on-road trial we:

  • Made changes to crossing points to improve visibility of pedestrians
  • Narrowed intersections to reduce turning speeds and improve safety
  • Lowered speeds within the project area to 30km/hr

We are working with local schools to add school drop zones to help make drop-off and pick-up times less chaotic and encourage parents to park safely. We also continue to support road safety programmes for students.

Feedback and data from the trial has been collated, and a report released which is informing our next steps with this project including the semi-permanent design. View the feedback we received and the full report.