Christmas Event Support Fund

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This fund supports and encourages the hosting of local events over the holiday period. Find out about how to apply and the kinds of activities that can get funding.

Christmas Event Support Fund

This fund has now closed.

We’re pleased to share the following events have been funded to help create a vibrant mix of community and cultural events in Te Awa Kairangi ki Tai Lower Hutt over the holiday period.

Petone Christmas parade - 7pm Friday 24 November

Community Christmas Festival, Knox Church - 7pm - 10pm Saturday 25 November

Petone Santa’s grotto, the Old Police Station, Jackson Street - Monday 27 November - Friday 22 December

Fitmas in the Park, Ricoh Sports Centre - Friday 1 December

Christmas in Bethlehem, Petone Baptist Church - Friday 1 - 3 December

Stokes Valley Christmas parade and marketplace - Saturday 2 December

Christmas in the Nui, Queen Street - Saturday 2 December

Maungaraki Community Christmas Carols, Maungaraki School - Thursday 7 December

Moera Christmas in the Park, Moera Reserve & Community Hall - Saturday 9 December

Pomare Taita Hanakoko Grotto, Pomare Taita Community House - 14 - 22 December

We are proud to be able to help our communities connect and celebrate this festive season!

We’re offering grants to support the delivery of events and activities that encourage our communities to connect and celebrate together.

We're looking for events that: 

  • embrace Manaakitanga hospitality & kindness,
  • Whānau family & community, and
  • Te tai ao caring for the environment
  • is held in Lower Hutt
  • supportive of local businesses
  • highly visible and accessible
  • environmentally friendly
  • create positive outcomes for the community
  • creative and exciting
  • adhere to Health & Safety guidelines and Waste Minimistation bylaw

What we’re offering

Cash investment of up to $3,500

Event advice from Council officers

Marketing of your event

Application process

Fill in this form - tell us about you, your business or organisation and your idea! We need to understand how it will work and how it will benefit the community.

Applications are now open and will close at midnight Thursday 19 October.

Waste and recycling management

Venue hire

Event equipment purchases or hire



Events that colloborate with a community organisation e.g., entry to your festive concert is a can of food for the Food Bank

An event that showcases a neighbourhood space

An event that demonstrations neighbouring businesses working together

A pop-up event that creates an inclusive festive atmosphere

Physical facility development, capital works

Prize money

Travel or accommodation

Legal costs

Events that conflict with Council values

‘Business as usual’ costs

Political organisations or events with a political purpose

Items already paid for

Successful applicants must:

use funds only for the approved purpose and in line with any terms and conditions we've set

use the grant within three months of deposit into your bank account and for the purpose stated on your application form.

complete an Accountability Report no later than six weeks after the event which outlines how the funds were used, how the community benefited and how the event met it’s objectives

let Council know immediately if any difficulty or potential difficulty arises that may compromise the service or project

allow us to audit the use of the funds if we decide to

recognise our support in all publicity material, annual reports and similar publications

return the unspent amount of the grant funds along with an Accountability Report to account for the grant money you have spent.

lay a complaint with Police if any funds are stolen or misappropriated, and then notify us

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