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You need to have a building inspection before we can give you a Code Compliance Certificate. Find out how to book one.

At Hutt City Council, we value transparency and strive to provide our customers and the public with accurate and up-to-date information.

On 6 March 2023, we went live with GoGet, the Council’s new digital building consenting platform, run by Objective. It has been implemented successfully and we thank you for your cooperation and patience as we bed in the new processes. The major improvement made on the introduction of GoGet was a review and enhancement of the inspection checklists, and as a result, new processes and checklists were introduced.

A transition period was implemented from 6 March 2023 to allow the building sector to transition to the new requirements and allow time for feedback and changes to the inspection checklists. This transition period ended on 31 July 2023 instead of 30 April 2023.

Changes have been made to the enhanced inspection checklists based on feedback from Hutt City Council building inspectors and from the building sector. The changes reflect practical construction issues and timing, removal of duplications and a regrouping of inspection requirements. These changes will be in effect on 1 August 2023.

If you are intending to build in the Lower Hutt area, we encourage you to complete the inspection checklists related to your building project before the inspection occurs. You will need to have your documentation prepared and uploaded onto the building consent file in Objective Build before booking each inspection.

The inspection checklists outline what the building inspector will be checking when they are on site. These checklists are intended for informational and guidance purposes.

How it works

We do building inspections to check that what you're building matches what's in the building consent.

When we process your building consent application we estimate the type and number of inspections you'll need for your project.

These inspections are covered in the fee you paid before receiving your consent. Once your building consent application is approved, we'll send you a Building Consent Approval Letter letting you know when your building will be inspected and at the different stages of your building project.

Book an inspection

Inspections will need to be booked at various stages during building work.

It's your responsibility to make sure inspections are done, so you'll need talk to your tradespeople about booking them.

If you have multiple inspections to book, we may be able to combine them into one visit.

You'll need the:

  • Building Consent number
  • address of the property where the work is being done
  • type of inspection needed
  • name and phone number of the on-site contact person.

Book an inspection online

Note: All building inspections must be completed before we can give you a Code Compliance Certificate.

Next Steps

  • After every inspection the inspector will email a site report to you.
  • The report will state if you've passed or failed.
  • If you've failed the inspection, you’ll need to fix the problem and book a re-inspection. There could be instances where the inspector will state a conditional continuation of building work on the report. This means the inspector may allow work that is unaffected by the non-compliant work to continue, but the non-compliant work will needs to be fixed and then re-inspected.
  • If the problem is severe you may be issued with a Notice to Fix

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