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You need to have a building inspection before we can give you a Code Compliance Certificate. Find out how to book one.

We do building inspections to check that what you're building matches what's in the building consent.

When we process your building consent application we estimate the type and number of inspections you'll need for your project.

These inspections are covered in the fee you paid before receiving your consent. Once your building consent application is approved, we'll send you a Building Consent Approval Letter letting you know when your building will be inspected and at the different stages of your building project.

Inspections will need to be booked at various stages during building work.

It's your responsibility to make sure inspections are done, so you'll need talk to your tradespeople about booking them.

If you have multiple inspections to book, we may be able to combine them into one visit.

You'll need the:

  • service request number (SR number)
  • address of the property where the work is being done
  • type of inspection needed
  • name and phone number of the on-site contact person.

Book an inspection online

Note: All building inspections must be completed before we can give you a Code Compliance Certificate.

There's often a wait time of 2 weeks before we can get out to your site for an inspection. This is because we have a lot of inspections to do and not enough staff to do them.

Note: We need at least 24 hours’ notice for an inspection.

Building inspections

When we inspect


To discuss the building work prior to commencement, including as applicable; the requirement for steel verification, the requirements for re-cladding and the requirements for major projects including staged consents.


Before building work starts to check the location of the building on the site

Strip off

On removal of exterior cladding, before starting remediation work (for example, removing asbestos or material that promotes mould growth)


Before back filling and before covering any drains

Pre-pour foundation/footings

Before pouring concrete for foundation walls, footings or pile foundations

Sub-floor drainage

To view drainage pipework before any floors have been laid that would prevent inspection

Block wall tanking

Before back-filling or covering tanking or any field drains

Pre-pour floor

Before pouring concrete for floor slabs and integral footings


Before fitting building wrap to framing or covering sub-floor framing


Upon completion of the building wrap, flashings, drainage/ventilation paths and cavity battens where required.

½-high brick

When brick work is at half height, to view cavity construction and washouts


Before the application of any coating to the external cladding system

Pre-line – plumbing

After a certified plumber has tested the water pipe and issued a PS3, and before any internal linings have been fitted

Pre-line – building

Before fitting internal linings – all airseals internally around joinery, bracing connections and any acoustic rated connections and in-frame insulation installed


Before concealing any post-line bracing elements, fire-rated wall linings, acoustic rated wall linings, or wet area linings, and while fixings are still visible

Pre-tile tanking

To view under-tile membranes before the installation of finished surfaces, such as tiles


Before the roofing is installed to check the purlins and fixings or before roof/deck membrane is installed over substrate

Block work construction

To view block reinforcing, pointing and washouts before block fill

Solid fuel heater

Before lining and concealing inbuilt fire boxes and on completion of inbuilt and freestanding fire box installations with flues, flashings and smoke alarms in place

Swimming pool

When all pool fencing and barriers are completed

Residential final – plumbing

When all plumbing and drainage work is finished

Residential – final

When all building work is finished following a formal application for a code compliance certificate (form supplied with approved consent documentation)

Comm/Multi/Res – final

When all building work is finished following a formal application for a code compliance certificate (form supplied with approved consent documentation), for a commercial building consent

Comm/Multi/Res Final – plumbing

When all plumbing and drainage work is finished for a commercial building consent

Certificate of Public Use

To inspect safety precautions to protect public areas on a building site, or to open areas or the whole site to the public before the issue of the code compliance certificate

  • After every inspection the inspector will email a site report to you.
  • The report will state if you've passed or failed.
  • If you've failed the inspection, you’ll need to fix the problem and book a re-inspection. There could be instances where the inspector will state a conditional continuation of building work on the report. This means the inspector may allow work that is unaffected by the non-compliant work to continue, but the non-compliant work will needs to be fixed and then re-inspected.
  • If the problem is severe you may be issued with a Notice to Fix

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