Resource consent time frames

Find out how long it takes to get your resource consent application approved.

If your application is a limited notification or publicly notified the process may take 3 months or more if we receive submissions and a hearing is required.

If we have to ask you for more information, we’ll put your application on hold (the statutory processing clock will be stopped) until you get us the information we need.

This means the application process is delayed – so try to give us all the detail we need right from the start.

Delays can also happen when:

  • you need other consents for your proposed activity
  • your proposed activity is significant and complex.

If your application is non-notified, legally we have to give you our decision within 20 working days. This depends on whether or not you've given us all the information we need to process your application.

You can request a fast-track which will result in a decision within 10 working days. This comes with a higher cost.

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