Find out if you need a resource consent

You need a resource consent to subdivide your property, or for any building work that doesn’t comply with the District Plan. Find out if you need one for the kind of project you're doing.

When you need a resource consent

You need to apply for a resource consent if:

  • you want to subdivide your property
  • your project doesn't follow the District Plan.

The District Plan outlines what's permitted and what requires a resource consent for each zone of Hutt City.

Hutt City District Plan

Resource consent fees

Depending on where you live, if you have more than one residence on your property might make it a "multi-unit development". This includes apartment buildings, townhouses, and granny flats, sleep outs and tiny homes.

Road reserve is the bit of land between your property's front boundary and an existing formed road or footpath. To use this land, you'll need a resource consent. You might have to lease it or buy it from Council too.

Note: You might also need a building consent.

In certain areas, you need a resource consent to alter or demolish a building that was built or approved for construction before 1930. This does not include accessory buildings like sheds or detached garages.

Getting resource consent to make changes to pre-1930s buildings can be complex – we strongly recommend you meet with us to discuss your plans before you apply. We'll give you advice about the process and help you determine which supporting documents your application will need to include.

You may need a resource consent for earthworks, as they can affect the environment, other people or properties. The resource consent process makes sure that earthworks don't cause problems with instability on the work site, nearby properties, or cause pollution and dust that bothers your neighbours.

You may need resource consent to put up a sign on your property if the sign will be seen easily by the public and it doesn't meet the Hutt City District Plan requirements for your area.

Boundary activities

You may be able to apply for a deemed permitted boundary activity if:

  • you're building or extending your home
  • you only require a resource consent because your project infringes one or more 'boundary rules' in the District Plan
  • none of the infringed boundaries are public boundaries
  • your neighbours have given their written approval.

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