Make amendments and minor variations to a building consent

Find out what changes you can make to a building consent.

Amendments to a building consent

If you want to change your building plans while we’re processing your application for a building consent or when the building work is underway, let us know as soon as possible.

You’ll need to send us:

Building inspectors may approve minor variations that arise in the course of building work.  Minor variations are recorded on an inspection site notice.

If you are requesting a minor variation this must be done before the work is undertaken and you will need to provide the required documentation (e.g. plans and specifications) for the changes you plan to make.

If you request a variation to an application for a building consent or an issued building consent, then you will be charged for the time spent processing the proposed changes and any additional inspections or other costs that may be incurred during the building work.

Building consent fees

Minor changes (variation)

If the change is not significantly different from the approved building consent plans and specifications, you can request approval for a minor variation.

Examples of minor variations include:

  • substituting similar products (e.g. one internal lining for a similar internal lining, minor wall bracing changes)
  • minor construction change (e.g. changing the framing method used around a window)
  • changing a room's layout (e.g. repositioning fixtures in a bathroom).

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