Certificate of title

Find out what a Certificate of Title is, when you need one, and how to get one.

About Certificates of Title

Electronic property title records are called records of title or Certificates of Title.

They prove the ownership of land and the rights and any restrictions that apply to the land.

The Certificate of Title is specific to the property you are buying and has a record of things that can have an impact on what you can do with the property and any access you need to provide to others.

What they're used for

Consent Applications including:

  • resource consent
  • building consent
  • subdivision consent applications.
  • pre-purchase diligence.
  • identifying owners, rights and restrictions, and property boundaries.

When you need a Certificate of Title

If you're applying for a building or resource consent, you need to have background land information that can be found in a Certificate of Title or a copy of a Certificate of Title.

All resource consent applications and most building consents need a Certificate of Title that is not older than 3 months.

Note: Resource consent applications where the value of work is $5000 or less do not require a Certificate of Title.

What's included in a Certificate of Title

  • Certificate of Title reference number
  • Current property owners
  • Past property owners
  • Property size
  • Legal description and area
  • Registered rights and restrictions
  • Consent notices
  • Building line restrictions
  • Plan or diagram of the land

How to get a Certificate of Title

You can get Certificates of Title, and land records (i.e. survey plans, etc.) from Land Information New Zealand, online, and from Hutt City Council.

You can get a copy of a Certificate of Title and a copy of any interests on the title such as a covenant, consent notice, easement or lease from the consents counter at our main building, 30 Laings Road.

What it costs

Service 2023-2024 Fee
Certificate of Title $27.50
Interests/document eg. transfer, easement, covenant, lease$24.00

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