Request a project information memorandum (PIM)

Find out how to get a project information memorandum (PIM) and why and when you might need one.

About PIMs

A PIM is a memorandum that contains Hutt City Council information about your property that may affect a proposed building project.

It's not a mandatory document for your building project, but it can be helpful as it shows potential issues you need to be aware of and may reduce delays.

The information covered by a PIM includes:

  • potential inundation and flood risk
  • slippage
  • the building’s heritage status
  • identified cut and filled land
  • the site’s wind zone
  • the possible presence of hazardous contaminants
  • stormwater and wastewater systems
  • resource consents and other authorisations that may be required
  • the need for an evacuation scheme (where applicable)
  • site vehicular access restrictions during construction work
  • any notification that you can’t do building work because some necessary authorisation has been refused (despite a building consent having been issued)
  • confirmation that you can do the building work subject to the requirements of any building consent or resource consent or obtaining any other necessary authorisations.

When to apply for a PIM

You may apply for a PIM either before, or as part of, your application for a building consent.

How to apply for a PIM

You can apply for a PIM through Objective Build

To accompany your application, you should provide:

  • plans, including details of the location of the proposed building work
  • a description of the proposed building work
  • property ownership details
  • details of any change of use (if applicable)
  • estimated value of the proposed building work
  • previous consents issued for the proposed building work
  • subdivision details.

Depending on the type of application, we might ask you for additional documents to enable us to process your application.

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