Rates remissions

Find out what rates remissions are and how to get one.

About rates remissions

If the property meets the criteria, you may be eligible for a rates remission. A rates remission is a reduction in the amount of rates you have to pay on your property.

Types of remissions

Our policies cover remissions:

  • for community, sporting and other organisations
  • of penalties added to unpaid rates
  • of targeted rates in certain circumstances
  • on land protected for natural, historic or cultural conservation purpose
  • of rates for economic development
  • for residential land in commercial or in industrial areas
  • of wastewater charges for schools
  • of rates and charges on land affected by natural calamity
  • of rates to support rating policy changes
  • on Māori land.

Remission policies

To find out more see our rates remissions policies:

How to apply

Before you get in touch, read the policy to see if you meet the criteria.

If you think you do meet the criteria, email us with the required information at rates@huttcity.govt.nz.