Book a pre-application meeting

How to get pre-application guidance

Before you submit a resource consent application, you can meet with us to discuss your proposal.

Before you start a project or book a pre-application meeting with a planner you can meet with a planning technician for free who can provide high level advice about:

  • whether your project will need a resource consent
  • the process for obtaining resource consent
  • which District Plan rules are likely to be triggered by your proposal.

Meeting with a planning technician does not require a booking.

If your enquiry is likely to take more than 15 minutes, it would be best to book a formal pre-application meeting with a planner.

To ensure we can be as helpful as possible in providing pre-application guidance, it is important to:

  • provide us with as much detailed information as possible, even if your ideas are only conceptual. This should include an overview of the proposal and any specific matters you would like to discuss
  • provide any available conceptual plans, drawings or photos at least 3 days prior to your meeting.

Depending on information you give us and the scale of works proposed, we may ask for input from other specialists, relevant to the project (for example urban designers, traffic engineers or subdivision engineers).

It's important that we have a clear understanding of your project, so we can involve the right specialists.

Depending on availability, input from specialists may be provided in writing or at the meeting.

Book a meeting online

A planner will contact you to discuss your request and set a meeting time. If you feel there are issues that require further discussion in person, we can arrange to meet with you.

If it's been more than five working days since you applied for a meeting, contact us at or phone 04 570 6666 and ask for resource consents.

View our fees for a pre-application meeting.

Please be aware that if specialist input is required additional fees may apply and will be invoiced monthly after the meeting has been held.

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