Certificate for Public Use

Find out what you need to do if you would like to use part of a new public building before it has a Code Compliance Certificate

You’ll need to apply for a Certificate for Public Use if:

  • you want to occupy all or part of a building that will be open to or used by members of the public
  • the area intended to be occupied is still affected by building work
  • you have a building consent for the work (granted since 31 March 2005) but no Code Compliance Certificate has been issued.

The Certificate for Public Use states that premises or parts of premises affected by building work are safe to be used by members of the public.

Note: You must still apply for a Code Compliance Certificate when all the building work in the building consent has been completed.

How much does it cost?

There is a fee to lodge a Certificate for Public Use. Refer to our Building Consents fees list.

Ready to apply?

Please apply through Objective Build

Please submit this Certificate for Public Use checklist (PDF 106 kb) when you apply online to make sure that you have provided everything we need to process your application.