Drainage plans

Find out about how to get a drainage plan for your property before you do any building work.

Drainage plan search

Council holds private drainage plans for most properties in Hutt City. You can search these plans free of charge.

Note: It's important for you to check us before starting any drainage work. You might need a resource consent.

How to get a drainage plan

You can get a drainage plan by:

  • calling the contact centre on 04 570 6666; or
  • visiting our service desk in the main Council building at 30 Laings Rd.

You might need to bring in proof of residence.

What's in a drainage plan

A drainage plan should include your property's general layout and all the drains on your land.

The drainage plan should also show you the location of surface water drains and foul water drains. If you have any other drains on your property, such as effluent tanks or storage areas, these drains should also be marked on your drainage plan.

The water and drainage plan for your property may also include:

  • public and private sewer pipes
  • public and private stormwater pipes
  • water supply pipelines up to the property’s water meter
  • the layout of the drainage, including the location of access points
  • private systems, septic tanks, treatment plants and cesspits
  • discharge points from the site
  • diameter and material of pipework.

Building over Council-owned drains

If you're doing any building work, check that you're not building over a Council drain. You can't build on Council drains because we need to be able to check, repair and replace pipes quickly if needed.

For more information see building over pipes.

Contact details

  • Email: contact@huttcity.govt.nz
  • Phone: 4 570 6666 | 0800 HUTT CITY (24/7 - 7 Days)