Compliance schedules and specified systems

Specified systems are systems or features in the building that contribute to the proper functioning of the building. These systems help to ensure that a building is safe and healthy for people to enter, occupy or work in.

The Compliance Schedule lists the building's specified systems and the inspection, maintenance and reporting procedures needed to keep the specified systems in good order.

Applications for a building consent need to contain Compliance Schedule information for:

  • a new building with any specified systems
  • building work in an existing building that includes modifying or adding to the specified systems. This requires an amendment to an existing compliance schedule.

All commercial, industrial and multi-unit residential buildings will include specified systems and a Compliance Schedule must be lodged with your application for a building consent. The only residential applications for a building consent that require a Compliance Schedule are those that include the installation of a cable car.

SS 1 Automatic systems for fire suppression
SS 2 Automatic or manual emergency warning systems for fire or other dangers
SS 3/1 Automatic doors
SS 3/2 Access controlled doors
SS 3/3 Interfaced fire or smoke doors or windows
SS 4 Emergency lighting systems
SS 5 Escape route pressurisation systems
SS 6 Riser mains
SS 7 Automatic back-flow preventers connected to a potable water supply
SS 8/1 Passenger carrying lifts
SS 8/2 Platform, low-speed and service lifts
SS 8/3 Escalators and moving walks
SS 9 Mechanical ventilation or air conditioning systems
SS 10 Building maintenance units
SS 11 Laboratory fume cupboards
SS 12/1 Audio loops
SS 12/2 FM radio frequency systems and infra-red beam transmission systems
SS 13/1 Mechanical smoke control
SS 13/2 Natural smoke control
SS 13/3 Smoke curtains
SS 14/1 Emergency power systems
SS 14/2 Signs relating to a system or feature specified in any of clauses 1 to 13
SS 15/1 Systems for communicating spoken information intended to facilitate evacuation
SS 15/2 Final exits
SS 15/3 Fire separations
SS 15/4 Signs for communicating information intended to facilitate evacuation
SS 15/5 Smoke separations
SS 16 Cable cars

If your proposed building work includes any specified systems, please complete our Compliance Schedule Identifier form. Once the form has been completed and checked, please upload the form to Objective Build along with your other documents supporting your application for a building consent.

More information

Compliance Schedule and Building Warrant of Fitness (BWoF)

The Compliance Schedule will become the basis for the Annual BWoF inspection and certification process once the building has been issued with a Code Compliance Certificate.