Resource consent notifications

Find out about the different kinds of consent: non-notified, limited notification, and publicly notified.

Notification options

Our notification options are non-notified, limited notification, and public notification.


We don't require your application to be notified because:

  1. there are no effects or the effects are less than minor; and
  2. you've received written approvals from the affected parties (i.e. your neighbours).

Limited notification

  • We write to any affected parties you don’t have written approval from and invite them to make submissions on your application. This is generally done before we check if you've supplied all the information we need.
  • They have 20 working days from the day they receive our letter to make a submission.

Public notification

  • If we consider that the effects of your proposal are significant enough to invite the wider public to make submissions, we call for submissions by advertising the application publicly.
  • You’re also entitled to ask us to fully notify your application.

Affected parties

Affected parties are people who might be more interested in, or more affected by, your activity than the general public.

They're usually your immediate neighbours.

RMA hearings

A hearing is a public meeting where a Council Hearings Committee hears evidence for and against your application, and decides whether to approve or decline it. It’s usually held in the Council offices.

Generally, only you and people who’ve made submissions are allowed to speak at the hearing. You have the chance to comment on a Council’s officer’s report on your application, and on any submissions that have been made.

You can ask for one or more independent commissioners to hear and decide your application, rather than the committee or Councillors but this comes at an additional cost.

The hearing will have one of two results:

  • If three or more Councillors or committee members attend the hearing, a final decision can be made at the time and the decision announced within the next 15 working days.
  • If fewer than three Councillors or committee members attend, a recommendation will be made and the decision's deferred until the next full committee meeting.

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