National Multiple-Use Approvals

A National Multiple-Use Approval (NMU) is a statement that a set of plans and specifications for a building complies with the Building Code. They are also known as a MultiProof.

The MultiProof scheme is beneficial for builders and companies that build standardised designs. It provides evidence of compliance for Building Consent Authorities (BCAs).

How MultiProof works

MultiProof establishes that a design complies with the New Zealand Building Code.

When your building consent application includes a MultiProof, the BCA must grant or refuse it within 10 working days instead of the usual 20 days.

The BCA confirms and establishes:

  • the design, with any permitted variations, is the same as the design approved in the MultiProof
  • the proposed site meets the conditions of the MultiProof
  • the site-specific features of the design comply with the Building Code
  • the number and type of inspections required.

Who should use MultiProof

MultiProof is beneficial for those who:

  • build or intend to build a number of similar designs
  • use standard construction details for a range of similar buildings
  • want to save time when applying for a building consent
  • need consistency when applying for building consents to different BCAs
  • can build the approved design at least 10 times in a two-year period.

Examples where MultiProof may be applicable include:

  • modular units
  • sheds
  • garages
  • relocatable classrooms.

To apply for MultiProof, your design will need to meet certain requirements.

Contact us for help if you are considering applying for a MultiProof building consent.