Building consent charges and fees

Find out about Hutt City Council's fees and charges for building consents.

Our application fees cover our initial administration and processing time and the specified number of inspections.

They don’t include:

  • additional administration, processing and inspection fees
  • disbursement costs
  • consultants’ fees (at cost)
  • the BRANZ levy ($1 per $1,000 for works valued at $20,000 and over)
  • the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment levy ($1.75 per $1,000 for works valued at $20,444 and over).

Building consent application fees (PDF 88.1KB)

We’ll let you know the details of these additional fees once the application process is complete.

You can withdraw your building consent application before it has been granted by Council.

If you withdraw or cancel your application, any refund will reflect the time our team have already spent processing it.

Our Fee Calculator is designed to help you plan your project by estimating your initial Building Consent fees.

Fee Calculator

Talk to Council before submitting your application in a free pre-application meeting– we will make sure the right people are around the table to help you.

Save time and apply online – making sure you supply all the correct information & all forms are completed correctly (including signatures!).

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