Get a Certificate of Acceptance

A Certificate of Acceptance is a statement from Council that part or all of a building project complies with the New Zealand Building Code. Find out when you need one and how to apply.

A Certificate of Acceptance proves that work done without a consent complies with the Building Code.

is based on the Building Code at the time you apply, not the code that applied when the building consent was granted or should have been applied for, or when the work was actually carried out.

You might need a Certificate of Acceptance if:

  • you or a previous owner has completed building work that would have needed a building consent but doesn’t have one
  • an independent Building Consent Authority (not Council) can’t or refuses to issue a Code Compliance Certificate for work that had a building consent
  • the work was done urgently.

Talk to us before you apply for a Certificate of Acceptance.  We can let you know whether you also need to apply for a resource consent.

To apply for a Certificate of Acceptance you need to send us:

You can email these to us or bring in hard copies to the consents desk at 30 Laings Rd.

we can refuse your application if you can't prove the work complies with the Building Code.

If you can't get a certificate of acceptance, you might have to:

  • remove or fix the building work – we'll issue you a Notice to Fix telling you what you need to fix before we can approve the work' or
  • get a building consent to carry out further work to meet the performance standards of the Building Code.

Note: If the Notice to Fix isn’t acted on within the time frame stated, we may issue an infringement notice under section 402 of the Building Act and a fine.

Your certificate will come with a letter that will show:

  • what we inspected
  • what we couldn't inspect
  • any building work that we couldn't prove as complying with the Building Code – this will be listed as an exclusion.

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