Get a Code Compliance Certificate

A CCC is a formal statement confirming we are satisfied all building work has been completed in accordance with the building consent we issued. Find out how to get one.

About Code Compliance Certificates

A Code Compliance Certificate (CCC) is issued when a job is finished and Council is satisfied that t­he building and plumbing work under the consent complies with:

  • the New Zealand Building Code at the time of issue of the building consent (for consents issued before 31 March 2005), or
  • the building consent (for consents issued from 31 March 2005).

The owner must apply for a code compliance certificate after all work set out in the building consent approval has been completed. For more information go to code compliance certificates - or take a look at our Certificates information sheet

When you achieve compliance, it's recorded in any LIMs and building records for your property.

Before we can issue a CCC we must carry out a final inspection of the building work.

An application for a CCC can be made when the final inspection is booked.

You can apply for a CCC by submitting an application through Objective Build along with the required information (e.g. evidence of ownership, records of work and energy work certificates).

Once your application has been processed, we'll contact you to confirm a time for the final inspection. We'll use the results of this inspection to decide if we'll issue a CCC. We'll let you know our decision in writing within 20 working days

If we need more information we'll issue a request for information (RFI) and the application will be put on hold until we receive this information. However, the information we receive must be complete and sufficient before we unsuspended the application on the next working day after we received the requested information .

All outstanding fees must be paid before we can issue a CCC. These include:

  • any outstanding consenting or inspection fees
  • development or reserve contributions
  • consultant fees
  • MBIE or BRANZ levies

Fill out the application form and use it to apply online. You can upload the completed document when prompted.

Please ensure that all of your documents are named as per our naming conventions to make your application easier for our team to assess, ie Standard Document Naming Conventions Guidance - documents submitted with BC or CCC applications

You can apply for a CCC through Objective Build

We occasionally refuse to issue a CCC. This is usually because:

  • information that we’ve asked for hasn’t been supplied;
  • there’s not enough information to prove that the completed work complies with the New Zealand Building Consent and Building Code.

We’ll write to you and explain why we’ve refused your application for CCC. Even if you've been refused a CCC you still have to pay for the processing costs.

If you believe this decision is wrong you can ask the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment for a determination. Determinations are legally binding decisions on disputes or questions about the rules that apply to buildings.

To find out more about determinations, go to MBIE website. Check the ‘previous determinations’ on the website – some of them might be about situations like yours. A determination can be appealed to the District Court.

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