Lodgement of hard copy (paper) building consents and related approvals

The Hutt City Council has invested heavily in the use of online lodgement of applications for building consents and associated approvals, e.g., Code Compliance Certificates.  Online lodgement is preferred over the receipt of hard copy applications as all consent processing is done online and the storage of records is all electronics. The hard copy form to apply for a building consent can be found with the building consent forms.

The Council will accept hard copy lodgements of applications for building consents, but these applications will be subject to additional charges to convert them to an electronic form. If you wish to submit a hard copy application for a building consent, we recommend that you make a booking for a pre-application meeting.  At that meeting Council officers will explain what is required from you and the forms you will have to complete.

All hard copy documentation will be sent to a third party to be scanned and lodged electronically.  All third-party costs and the time of Council officers spent providing advice and assistance will be charged to the consent applicant.