Get a Certificate of Design Work (Memorandum)

Find out what a Certificate of Design Work is, when you need one, and how to apply

When you need a Memorandum (Certificate of Design Work)

A Certificate of Design Work form is used to outline what Restricted Building Work (RBW) design work was carried out or supervised on a project, and who carried it out or supervised it.

If your project involves restricted building work, you will need to include a memorandum in your building consent application.

The form identifies all the restricted building work that will be done and who will be doing or supervising the work – if they are known. This is completed by a licensed building practitioner, architect or engineer.

Memorandum (Certificate of Design Work) form (PDF 173 kb)

Owner-Builder Declaration

You can fill out an Owner-Builder Declaration which can be completed instead of a Certificate of Design work if you want to carry out RBW Design work yourself.

You're an owner-builder if you:

  • Live in or are going to live in the home (this can include a beach or holiday home).
  • Carry out the restricted building work to your own home yourself, or with the help of your unpaid friends and family members.
  • Have not, under the owner-builder exemption, carried out restricted building work to any other home within the previous three years.

Using the owner-builder exemption

The details and forms required to use the owner-builder exemption are on the MBIE Building Performance Group webpage.