Producer Statements

Producer statements give us confidence that building work will be or has been constructed to meet the building code and the approved building consent requirements.

What  is  a  Producer  Statement?

A producer statement is a professional opinion based on sound judgment and specialist expertise. Its helps us make a reasonable determination whether the building work complies with the Building Code. It is not a product warranty or guarantee of compliance and has no status under the Building Act 2004.

A producer statement, along with appropriate supporting documentation, may give us reasonable grounds to grant a building consent or issue a code compliance certificate.

Producer statements are typically used for specialist work, such as the design and review of building work that requires specific engineering design.

There is also a type of producer statement for construction. These statements are typically provided by contractors who have installed a product or system.

There are four types of producer statements:

  • Producer statement – Design (PS1)
  • Producer statement – Design Review (PS2)
  • Producer statement – Construction (PS3)
  • Producer statement – Construction Review (PS4)

In considering what weight to give to a producer statement, Council will assess the qualifications of the author to ensure that person has the appropriate experience and competence in their area of practice to design or review the building work.

For a producer statement to be appropriate, the author should be currently registered with a professional body, the scope of the statement must be within the practice area of the author and all the fields on the Council’s producer statement template completed.

If the author is a member of Engineering New Zealand, NZIA, or ACENZ, the statements can be submitted on the relevant professional body's standard template. If the producer statement does not meet these requirements the Council may place little reliance on it and require further evidence of compliance.

When you need a Producer Statement

A Producer Statement (PS) is usually needed for:

  • structural engineering
  • geotechnical engineering
  • civil engineering
  • fire engineering
  • heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems
  • glazing for specific designs and commercial projects.

Structural design work

If an engineer has carried out structural design work for your building plans, you’ll need to provide a PS with your application.

The engineer has to give you a PS1 to submit with your application, and a PS4 at the end of the project. This shows that they've supervised the implementation of the design, and that the work complies with the New Zealand Building Code

Building work

For some building inspections, Council requires the Producer Statement – PS3 Construction documentation to be uploaded onto the Building Consent file in Objective Build prior to booking the inspection.

Here is the Producer Statement - PS3 Construction form

What it includes

Our Producer Statement Policy (PDF 8.3.8KB) outlines the specific information that a Producer Statement must include. The policy covers peer review requirements, verification methods and requirements for fire design.

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