Building consent time frames

Find out how long it takes to get your building consent application approved.

How it works

Under the Building Act 2004, Council has a statutory time frame of 20 working days to process and make a decision on a building consent application, as long as we have all the information we need.

This 20 working day clock begins from when we receive a complete application and is put on hold:

  • if we send a request for further information (please note: we will put the building consent application on hold the day after we sent you the request for further information), until we receive a response that is complete and adequate (adequate means there is enough information for us make decisions). We will unsuspend the building consent application on the next working day after the response is received. This is the request for information (RFI) process within the building consent process.

National Multiple-Use Approval (MultiProof) certificate

If you are applying for a building consent that includes a National Multiple-Use Approval (MultiProof) certificate then the statutory time frame is 10 working days. The RFI process that is described under 'How it works' also applies to a building consent that includes a MultiProof certificate.

A National Multiple Use certificate is issued by MBIE and any application needs to be completely within the conditions and options documented in the certificate.

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