Building over pipes

Find out what the rules are around building over Council pipes.

Rules for building on Council wastewater and/or stormwater pipes

Council recommends that building projects are not built over wastewater and stormwater pipes. The standards for building near pipes are set out in the Wellington Water document: Regional Standard for Water Services, Version 3, dated December 2021.

If you're considering undertaking works that require building over or alongside existing drinking water, wastewater or stormwater services, then contact the Hutt City Land Development Team via email at We recommend that you undertake this consultation as early as possible, and before an application for either a resource or building consent is made. The ability to build over or alongside a public drain is considered by Council on a case-by-case basis.

Who you need approval from

  • if you want to build over a water, wastewater or stormwater pipeline, contact Wellington Water.
  • if you want to build over a gas line, contact your mains supplier.

Council has the discretion to allow such work, but equally it has the right to say no if a building would compromise its ability to repair or replace any pipeline.

More information

Building Over Pipelines information sheet (PDF 181 kb)

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