Installing a pool

Find out how to install a pool on your property and what consents you may need.

The rules around installing a pool

You'll need a building consent to install or build a pool. This is because installing a pool barrier (fence) is considered building work under the Building Act 2004.

When you apply for a building consent via Objective Build, you’ll need to provide:

  • A completed and signed application form (completed in Objective Build)
  • plans of the pool location and barrier location
  • the construction and installation details
  • a copy of your property’s Certificate of Title.

All residential pools (including small heated pools such as spa pools or hot tubs) are legally required to have physical barriers that keep unsupervised young children safe around them.

Pool barriers must comply with the pool safety provisions stipulated in Section 162C of the Building Act 2004.

Pool inspections

Your pool barriers must be inspected at least once every three years.

There is an exemption available for small heated pools with safety covers where they meet the following criteria:

  • the water surface area is 5m2 or less
  • the side walls of the pools are at least 760mm high above the adjacent floor
  • the side walls cannot be climbed easily.

The safety cover must have signage indicating its child safety features and must be able to:

  • restrict entry of children under five years of age when closed
  • withstand a foreseeable load
  • be readily returned to the closed position.

We'll send you an inspection reminder when you're due for an inspection. You can choose to have the inspection performed by either an Independently Qualified Pool Inspector (IQPI) or Council's Swimming Pool Officer.

Note: You can also ask for an inspection any time on your pool area to make sure you're following the pool safety legislation.

Pool inspector public register

Book a Hutt City Council pool inspection

New pools

For new pools, we inspect the pool and fence as part of the building consent process. Our Swimming Pool Officer must inspect and approve the pool barrier before we issue a Code Compliance Certificate (CCC).

How much it costs

Pool inspection fees are listed on our Building Consent charges and fees list

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